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ACT Clutch Kits ACT Clutches and Cheap Packages ACT ClutcOver the many years of racing we have tried many brands of clutches, and haven't found any capable of holding or lasting for
very long at the power levels that we are making. At the track, or on the street, the ACT clutch simply is the best.

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The Heavy Duty pressure plate offers about 35-40% increase in clamping pressure.

The next step up is the Extreme Duty pressure plate. It has about 100% increase in clamping pressure.


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Our flywheels are fully rebuildable, not like disposable steel and chrome moly flywheels which cannot be rebuilt*** We have all rebuild parts in stock.

Aluminum Flywheels
Available in 9.5 or 11 pound design. These lightweight 6061 T6 billet SR Motorsports aluminum flywheels are designed to for the street, track or dragrace RX-7.They free up horsepower by reducing power robbing rotating mass. We offer both a 9.5 and 11 pound unit.( The 7 to 8 pound racing flywheels that our competitors offer are too light for a street car ) The stock flywheels are 20-28 pounds! Shifting is quick and sure due to the lightweight aluminum billet design. Longer transmission life can also be expected. The high carbon steel content of the replaceable bolt-on heat shield material helps to absorb heat and reduce the temperature of the mating parts. Our application chart lists only those aluminum flywheels used with our ACT clutch kits although we fit many other cars not listed on our chart. If you have any questions regarding applications not listed, consult us.

Heavy Duty Pressure Plates
Great holding power, better 60ft & 1/4 mile times, and long life are all benefits that come along with these plates. What makes our pressure plates the highest standard of the industry? First, we start off with new units. We do not offer rebuilds (except for special circumstances or warrantee work). Second, we increase the pressure the right way: by changing the diaphragm. The diaphragms are specially heat treated through an exclusive 3 stage process and then hardened on the release bearing contact area to reduce wear. Third, we make sure that the pressure curve and release travel of the unit is in the right working range. Forth, we use proven assembly procedures that insures consistency and precision. Finally, we accurately balance and test every unit we produce. No guesswork, no hype, only proven engineering and calculated results.

Extreme Pressure Plates
The maximum holding power available! Our solution: apply more diaphragm pressure. With a less aggressive street disc, this makes a great combination for high HP street cars that prefer smooth engagement. For racing, combine our Extreme Pressure Plate with our race disc for the ultimate in torque capacity and durability. What makes these units so unique is a radical increase in pressure without altering the proper geometry or stacking of diaphragms. The result is maximum holding pressure and long life, while maintaining good release clearance for fast, clean shifting. This can only be done with a specially engineered diaphragm. On some units, like the one shown above, we actually include gusseting the cover to reduce flex caused by the the high pressure. These are made with the same high standard as our heavy duty pressure plates. You will find these on many of the fastest cars on the track. How do they feel? A little stiff, but smooth! Extreme Pressure Plates can be identified throughout the application chart when the pressure plate number is followed by a suffix "X".

The clutch disc is a very important part of the system.
We offer a full faced street/strip organic lining for most applications. It has the highest quality lining available. It will hold a lot of power. For those of you that want the ultimate holding power we suggest the 6 puck ceramic copper race disc. Not for the timid driver, this disc will hold much more power than any other clutch will. We can supply any combination of pressure plate and discs.


Product Description


Street / Strip Discs
Organic, spring center replacement disc designed for smooth engagement, quiet operation and improved durability. We offer the best brands for the application. Street discs can be used with moderate to heavy duty applications including racing depending on torque output and heat. View our application chart for more information on torque capacity. Some times a special performance organic disc is available. These discs use special performance linings that are designed to withstand high heat and high RPM. When the suffix "M" appears, the disc has been modified by reducing the marcel enabling quicker action.

Copper Ceramic Race Discs
Available in 6 pad design. These pads (pucks, buttons) are highly durable and resistant to heat. They actually perform better when hot! The copper ceramic material holds approximately 32% more torque than an organic lining. Copper ceramic discs engage fairly harsh and are not normally recommended for street use. The high copper content of the material helps to absorb heat and reduce the temperature of the mating parts. Shifting is quick and sure due to the lightweight rigid design. No worries about broken center sections or springs. They are well suited for smaller disc sizes from smaller engines.

ACT Clutch FAQ's

Aluminum Flywheel FAQ's

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