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A'PEX POWER INTAKE Concept: Most innovative filter design with maximum efficiency in mind Characteristic: Dual funnel filter system Comments: This is the second evolution to the highly successful Super Intake. The POWER INTAKE incorporates the same dual funnel system as its predecessor with a more efficient design. Through research and development A'PEX found that using injected resin instead of stainless steel for the funnel design could achieve a higher level of efficiency. Dramatic increases in flow characteristic were the direct result of the injected resin design. When compared with the Super Intake, the redesigned POWER INTAKE has also succeeded in decreasing its ventilation resistance by about 10% (less pressure drop) for maximum performance. The POWER INTAKE integrates a newly developed filter material, which improves the element density. The Power Intake is dry-type filter and is trouble free. This allows maximum protection from foreign materials entering the engine. Some of the problems associated with wet type cleaners, such as oil sticking to the air flow meter are a thing of the past. The POWER INTAKE is virtually maintenance free.


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Part Number IN-11565

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