1993-1995 RX-7 Ignition Products



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NGK factory spark plugs
Part Number DR-11567

Racing Spark Plugs


NGK 10.5 Racing spark plugs
$49 each
Part Number DR-11568


NGK 11 Racing spark plugs
$49 each
Part Number DR-11569


NGK 11.5 Racing spark plugs
$49 each
Part Number DR-11570

Spark Plug Wires


NGK spark plug wires

Finest Mazda RX7 factory spark plugs wires that money can buy.


$79 set

Part Number DR-11571

MSD 9mm spark plug wires

We offer these 8.55mm silicone performance ignition wires to give your engine some great looks and improved performance. Installed in minutes with simple hand tools. Fits 93-95 RX-7. All needed hardware included.


$149 set

Part Number DR-11572


HKS Twin Power Ignition

( with plug in adapter )

No wire cutting needed


Part Number DR-11577

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