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Mazda Protege Performance Parts

Mazda Protege / MP3 Special
Complete Package kit includes 9# IndigoSpeed aluminum flywheel,

hardware kit, bearing and HD ACT clutch set. (race or street/strip disc)

( All 2.0L )

Mazda Protege Performance Parts(1.8L )Part Number PK-12184

(2.0L )Part Number PK-12186

Mazda Protege Performance ACT Clutch

heavy duty ACT clutch set. This set includes heavy duty ACT clutch pressure plate, clutch disc,release bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool. All 1.6 , 1.8 and 2.0L engines.

(1.6L )Part Number PR-12116

Mazda Protege Performance Parts(1.8L )Part Number PR-12118

(2.0L )Part Number PR-12120




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Mazda Protege, MP3, P5 Aluminum flywheel

We build these highest quality 9# aluminum flywheels at an affordable price! You will have a dramatic increase in accelleration in your Mazda Protege / MP3 with the addition of one of these SR flywheels.

All 2.0L engines.

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***SR flywheels come with custom stepped dowels that cannot ever come loose, or fall out ***

Part Number PR-12121

Also see our Specials on ACT clutch & flywheels





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