Mazda3 / Protege / MP3 / P5 / Mazdaspeed Performance Clutch and Flywheel Parts

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Mazda Protege Performance Parts

Mazda Protege / MP3 Special
Complete Package kit includes 9# SR aluminum flywheel,

hardware kit, bearing

and HD ACT clutch set. (race or street/strip disc)

( All 2.0L )

(1.8L )Part Number PK-12184

(2.0L )Part Number PK-12186

Mazda Protege Performance ACT Clutch

heavy duty ACT clutch set. This set includes heavy duty ACT clutch pressure plate, clutch disc,release bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool. All 1.6 , 1.8 and 2.0L engines.

(1.6L )Part Number PR-12116

(1.8L )Part Number PR-12118

(2.0L )Part Number PR-12120




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Mazda Protege, MP3, P5 Aluminum flywheel

We build these highest quality 9# aluminum flywheels at an affordable price! You will have a dramatic increase in accelleration in your Mazda Protege / MP3 with the addition of one of these flywheels.

All 2.0L engines.

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***SR flywheels come with custom stepped dowels that cannot ever come loose, or fall out ***

Part Number PR-12121




Aluminum Flywheels
Available in a 9# pound design for the Mazda Protege. These lightweight 6061 T6 billet SR Motorsports aluminum flywheels are designed to for the street, track or drag race Mazda. They free up horsepower by reducing power robbing rotating mass. (The 7 to 8 pound racing flywheels that our competitors offer are too light for a street car ) The stock flywheels are 23+ pounds! Shifting is quick and sure due to the lightweight aluminum billet design. ***SR flywheels come with custom stepped dowels that cannot ever come loose, or fall out *** Longer transmission life can also be expected. The high carbon steel content of the replaceable bolt-on heat shield material helps to absorb heat and reduce the temperature of the mating parts.

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