Mazda3 Dyno Results

We have put our dyno proven performance products into our GT-2 package that saves you money and is guaranteed to work as a great performance package. Fits 2004-2005 Mazda3.

2.0L Engine "I" model with A/T


The Mazda3 2.0L increased almost

20+ horsepower on the Dyno with our GT-2 Kit !



2.3L Engine"S" model with A/T


The Mazda3 2.3L engine increased almost

25+ horsepower on the Dyno with our GT-2 Kit !



Includes :

Cold Air Intake System ,

Underdrive Power Pulleys

Complete Stainless High Flow Exhaust system with high flow Catalytic Converter

Intake boxes available in powder coated black, red, blue

and polished aluminum.

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--- -- Polished Aluminum Intake

Complete 304 Stainless Exhaust

Power Pulley Kit ( Red, Black, Blue or Silver)

Cold Air Intake

( Black, Red, Blue or Polished )

2004-2005 Mazda3

( 5-Speed Mazda3 - 2.0L ) - Part # 5sp-2.0-Mazda3-GT-2

( Automatic Mazda3 - 2.0L ) - Part # AT-2.0-Mazda3-GT-2

( 5-Speed Mazda3 - 2.3L ) - Part # 5sp-2.3-Mazda3-GT-2

( Automatic Mazda3 - 2.3L ) - Part # AT-2.3-Mazda3-GT-2

$1735 $1429

Savings of $306!


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